Almost 11!

Hello!  Today was my birthday party!  I had about 13 kids over.  We did stuff like soccer at my school, ten we rode our bikes home to play and have cupcakes!  It was really fun.  I will post photos soon.  I am also here to release some news.  Sorry for disappointment, but I have decided to not write Texas Time.  Don’t get all sad though, because I have decided on writing a book.  It is realistic-to-an-extreme fiction, sort of like the 39 clues.  The main character is David McHill, and he has an urge to find out what secrets his father’s ring holds.  I am thrilled to announce that the first book, The Secrets Of The Ring, will be released little by little on this blog.  Every once in a while, I will post a few pages of it.  The Secrets Of The Ring will be in a series of I don’t know how many books in The McHill Adventures.  The second book, The Masterpiece Heist will come after The Secrets Of The Ring.  Also, the next Harry Potter Weekly will be Voldemort with the elder wand after taking it from Dumbledore’s tomb, feeling it’s power.  Then, the week after that is released, I will release my Harry Potter Weekly of Harry mourning the death of Dobby next to Dobby’s grave after he dies.  It is a piece I have put a lot of work into, and wish I could release today.  For the week after that, the winner has already been decided-OREN!  He has told me to draw the scene where Harry is picked for the Triwizard Tournament, so I will get working on that.  Without further ado, I leave you with the cover of The Secrets Of The Ring.  Hope you like it!  Feel free to give me ideas and comment!  The cover of The Masterpiece Heist will be up next Saturday.  You can click on the cover for a larger image.


The Secrets Of The Ring


About Xander @ Forever Bookish

HEY THERE! I’m Xander. I am the blogger/reviewer who runs Forever Bookish. I kinda sorta like books. Like, A LOT. Like, so much that my floor has piles of books on it and my TBR shows no sign of ending. I’m 15 years old and don’t sleep nearly enough because of books. I attend tons of book festivals and conventions and get even MORE books from those, but hey, it’s one of my favorite things to spend a weekend doing. I am a Potterhead who collects Harry Potter translations, and you can see my collection on Instagram at @foreverpotterish. I like chocolate and organizing my bookshelf, but not together because I don’t want to get chocolate on my books. Most of my Tweets are all CAPSLOCK even though my computer doesn't have a capslock button. Let’s be friends!

2 responses to “Almost 11!”

  1. Leo Lefebvre Jr. says :

    I am relieved to see that you are not overextending yourself and are being reasonable with your time. I know that writing is fun for you and that your plan appears to be a good one. I ENJOYED THE COVER PICTURE AND CAN’T WAIT TO READ ABOUT YOU RING SECRETS. YOUR PAL PAPPOU LEO

  2. Eddie da awesome says :

    Wish i waz there

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