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As the post title says, I have been slacking off.  I’m sorry.  I really am.  I haven’t posted for an entire month!  Yes, I do have Harry Potter Weeklys.  I have 5, but one is missing.  Oren’s Goblet Of Fire request has gone MIA.  The ones I have posted are a Sirius Black wanted poster in Hogsmeade, The Hall of the Prophecies, Harry getting his first wand, and the veil room.  Enjoy!  Click the image for a larger version.  Sorry, I drew one drawing on both sides of the paper so you can faintly see the back image.  More is yet to come…

Also, next post I will post some of my designs that won a contest at my school, a story about me as a santa boot, an additional chapter of Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman about a Greek named Stathis, a poem summarizing The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann and an alternate ending to Lisa Mcmann’s The Trap Door.  Oh, what the heck, I’ll post the almost final alternate ending to The Trap Door now.  Enjoy!  I will try not to slack off anymore:-)


Sirius Black Wanted Poster In Hogsmeade


The Veil Room


Harry's First Wand


The Hall Of The Prophecies


The alternate ending


Chapter 40

(Page 188 is cut at the paragraph break, and continued with this final chapter)



Dak, Sera and Riq waved goodbye to Mrs. Tubman and James, and left the house.  They walked out into the yard, viewing the unfamiliar surroundings of Auburn, New York.  Riq whispered,“I will really miss James.”  “Yeah, me too” Sera added.  “Where’s our next stop?”  Dak said enthusiastically.  “Let me check.” Riq replied.  “Oh, Dak, you will love this.  Japan.  Please don’t say we have to fight ninjas.”  “Woohoo!  Yes!  Please say that we have to fight WITH ninjas!” Dak exclaimed.  “Uh, my life just keeps getting worse.” Sera moaned.  “Here, let me put in the calculations.”  she said as she took out the Infinity Ring.  Just then, a woman with gray hair, a red face, and dozens of wrinkles came out of the barn next to them.

“Ilsa.”  Sera breathed.  They all remembered her from their encounter in 1850.  “You.  The time travelers.” Ilsa spat.  “You have messed up my life.”  “I can see that.” Dak said in a shaky voice.  “Now give me that little device of yours” Ilsa pointed to the Infinity Ring. “or give me your life!” she screeched and brandished a knife.  “No!  We are not giving this to you, you power-thirsty snake!” Sera screamed.  As if on cue, all three of the kids turned and ran.  “Quick!” Dak yelled. “She’s gaining on us!”  Ilsa ran after the trio screeching, and when she was 5 feet away from Sera, she jumped.  Ilsa grabbed hold of Sera’s leg pulling her down.  “No!  You filthy animal!  Let go of me!”  Hearing the commotion, Dak and Riq turned around.  “Great Scott!” Riq whispered, and ran to aid Sera.

“Get off of her!” Riq shouted loudly into Ilsa’s ear.  Ilsa stumbled, and that gave Sera just enough time to get out of Ilsa’s grasp.  “Is the Delorean ready yet?” Dak asked Sera.  “Uh, wow Dak, it’s hard to believe you can make jokes when we’re in such a tough situa-”  “Argh!  I will get that device now!” Ilsa said, tackling Sera with a wicked smile.  “Surrender!  Or you shall die along with your device.  I will destroy it!” she said cackling like a witch.  “Never!”  Sera turned her head toward Dak.  “It’s-abibble in-abibble my-abibble pocket-abibble.”  She struggled with those last words, but Dak understood.  He ran towards Sera, thrust his hand inside of her pants pocket, and pulled out the Infinity Ring.  “Have you put in all of your calculations?” Dak asked her.  “No.  Create a distraction so I can type in the last few coordinates.”  she replied.  Dak slipped away without Ilsa noticing and the Infinity Ring in his hand.  He went over next to Riq.  “Riq, we need to help Sera.  She just has to type in a few coordinates, and we’re off to Japan.  I hope they have good cheese there.”  “Oh my gosh Dak, enough about cheese.  I’ll wrestle Ilsa off of Sera, and tackle Ilsa.  I’ll give her a black eye or two, and when Sera finishes her coordinates, I’ll run over to you guys and we’re in Japan.”  “I’d say that’s a good plan!”  Dak said enthusiastically.

Riq ran over to Ilsa, and yanked her off of Sera.  She was incredibly heavy, but Riq hadn’t trained at the gym for seven years for nothing.  He managed to pull her off of Sera, and cannonballed into her chest, while Sera scrambled over to get the Infinity Ring from Dak.  Ilsa screamed as Riq flattened her with his body.  He threw out his fists a few times, giving some more than satisfactory punches to Ilsa.  Ilsa screamed like a madwoman – well, that’s what she was.  When Ilsa’ s face was red from punches and slaps, Sera called out to Riq.  “All right!  We’re ready!  get off of Ilsa, and let’s go to Japan!”  Riq landed one last blow, and ran over to Dak and Sera and grabbed the Infinity Ring.  Sera pressed a small button on the Ring.  The golden amber liquid inside of the Infinity Ring glowed bright orange and the Infinity Ring hummed.  “Three, Two, One-we’re off!”  Sera yelled over the noise.  Within seconds they were lying on their backs on grass .  Ilsa was nowhere to be seen.  Dak sat up and scanned the area.  The sun was setting right behind what looked like a palace, casting an orange glow on the mountains.  To the left was the Samurai Mansion, and below that the rapids flowing over rocks with a waterfall pouring into it.  There was a village, and some fields.  “Japan” Dak breathed in awe.



To be continued in book 4: Curse Of The Ancients





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  1. Leo Lefebvre Jr. says :

    Where is my drawing of the first time Harry and his friends went into the forrest??Pappou Leo

  2. Joanie says :

    Can you draw the part when Fred dies? Please?

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