Harry Potter Weekly!

Hello!  I can’t wait to see what you think about this Harry Potter Weekly!  Also, I drew another one, and felt like showing it today.  It is the scene where Harry buries Dobby.  I’ve been wanting to show this, it’s my favorite one, but I’ve been waiting for the other ones to be released.  Also, Xeno Lovegood’s Dirigible Plum Plants!  The next Harry Potter Weekly’s are coming; when Harry’s name comes out of the Goblet of Fire (requested by Oren), Sirius on Buckbeak after he has been saved ( requested by Victoria), The Veil Room, a Sirius Black Have You Seen This Wizard Poster in Hogsmeade, and The Battle with Voldemort and Harry (requested by Eddie and Eli), and When Dobby gets freed (requested by Victoria).  Remember, the people who comment or email me about a scene will have their requested scene drawn!  It is not only the first person to comment or email me, but EVERYONE who comments or emails me.  So, please comment or email me about a Harry Potter scene, or just your opinions!  Click on the drawings for larger images.  Enjoy!

Saw this in my drafts, and thought I posted it.  Guess not…  Sorry for the lack of posting, I have been working on another project.  More coming soon…


Here Lies Dobby, A Free Elf

Keep Off The Dirigible Plums


About Xander @ Forever Bookish

HEY THERE! I’m Xander. I am the blogger/reviewer who runs Forever Bookish. I kinda sorta like books. Like, A LOT. Like, so much that my floor has piles of books on it and my TBR shows no sign of ending. I’m 15 years old and don’t sleep nearly enough because of books. I attend tons of book festivals and conventions and get even MORE books from those, but hey, it’s one of my favorite things to spend a weekend doing. I am a Potterhead who collects Harry Potter translations, and you can see my collection on Instagram at @foreverpotterish. I like chocolate and organizing my bookshelf, but not together because I don’t want to get chocolate on my books. Most of my Tweets are all CAPSLOCK even though my computer doesn't have a capslock button. Let’s be friends!

6 responses to “Harry Potter Weekly!”

  1. Victoria says :

    Nice drawings, draw when dobby finds the sock in the book and gets set free

  2. Joanie says :

    Hi Alexander! It’s Joanie. Can you draw the part when harry catches the snitch in his mouth in his first quidditch match?

  3. Brie says :

    Ah… so this is why you didn’t finish those essays. Nice job on the drawings!

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